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Visual Comfort

Nature doesn't always make it easy to keep your eyes on the road. Sunlight causes glare. Rain smears against the windscreen. Mist clouds your view. Ice blocks out everything. The more your visibility decreases, the less safe you are, especially when the weather suddenly turns. The right kind of auto glass can turn the advantage in your favour.

Saint-Gobain Sekurit offers a range of solutions designed to increase visibility without asking a thing from the driver. In wet conditions, their hydrophobic glass lets water slide right off the windscreen. When winter sets in, their heatable glass can automatically melt ice and mist in minutes. Even glare can be easily treated with an antireflective coating that works for the lifetime of the glass.

Each option places active safety at the forefront, giving you the clear visibility to safely react to road hazards and situations. It's inexpensive security that's simply invaluable when the weather changes.