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SGS ClimaCoat: The all-weather windscreen

This innovative technology offers two key functions: heating in winter and heat reflecting in summer.

In the winter it rapidly defrosts and demists the windscreen of ice and mist. Exhausting ice-scraping is no longer necessary. Drivers push a button to activate the SGS ClimaCoat for a clear view and improved safety in less than 4 minutes. Moreover it prevents re-icing.

In the summer the heat reflective coating of the SGS ClimaCoat windscreen noticeably reduces the heat-up of the cars interior in the blazing sun. Solar rays are reflected and with this the amount of heat entering the vehicle is reduced.

Moreover, the vehicles with SGS ClimaCoat arrive at comfortable interior temperature 30% faster compared to a standard glazing. It minimises the extra air-conditioning system consumption, which decreases the fuel consumption by about 0.1 liter per 100 km corresponding to 2.5 grams CO2 per km. In consequence, it saves the driver fuel and money.

The new all-weather windscreen with the SGS ClimaCoat invisible coating improves occupant’s safety and well-being. SGS ClimaCoat is an exclusive innovation of Saint-Gobain Sekurit.