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Acoustic Comfort

dBCONTROL is a laminated glazing which offers better noise damping properties than standard laminated glazing due to a specially developed "Acoustic PVB".
dBCONTROL is applicable for any laminated glazing (windscreen, side windows & rear windows).

Using dBCONTROL acoustic glazing is an efficient, easy to implement and cost effective solution to discover the comfort of silence.  

Thanks to its ability to filter high and low frequency noises, dBCONTROL acoustic glazing gives the car manufacturers the possibility of controlling / reducing the noise level inside the car up to 10 decibels, enhancing the acoustic comfort and the safety of the passengers.

dBCONTROL acoustic glazing can be adapted to all types of vehicles whether they belong to the lower or upper segment, powered by gas or diesel engine. The substitution of the traditional PVB by an acoustic PVB guarantees the best quality / price ratio without increasing the weight of the vehicle.